Tazewell County Assessment Office

Fax: 309/477-2204
Email:  assessments@tazewell.com
11 South Fourth Street
McKenzie Building, Suite 410
Pekin, IL 61554-4206

Exemption Form Downloads

Other Exemption Forms

Senior Freeze Form 340
Senior Homestead Form 324

Model Home Assessment Application 762
Disabled Persons 343
Disabled Persons 343A (Physicians Statement)
Disabled Veterans 342
Returning Veterans 341


Annual Renewal Forms

Disabled Person 343R
Disabled Veterans 342R

Board of Review Complaint Forms

Other Forms

See Board of Review Page
obtain appeal forms and
additional appeal information
Change of Name or Address Request Form
  Combination Request Form
  Split Request Form
  Veterans Organization Freeze 763
  Fraternal Orgainzation Freeze 765
  Fraternal Orgainzation Freeze 766

Township Assessor Information

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What is Equalization?

Equalization is the application of a uniform percentage increase or decrease to assessed values of various areas or classes of property to bring assessment levels, on average, to a uniform level of the market value (33.33%). Both local assessment officials and IDOR are responsible for equalizing assessment levels. For more detailed information concerning equalization click here