Deferred Prosecution /Bad Check Program

The Tazewell County State ’s Attorney’s Office received a federal grant in 1974 to create the first Pretrial Diversion Program in Illinois . Today, the Tazewell County Deferred Prosecution Program continues to supervise non-violent adult misdemeanor and felony first offenders that are screened by the Tazewell County State ’s Attorney’s Office. Eligible offenders must complete a voluntary period of supervision that may include restitution, counseling, community service, drug testing, etc. Successful completion results in dismissal and failure to comply will result in formal prosecution of the offender. Deferred Prosecution also screens all deceptive practice complaints for the Tazewell County State ’s Attorney’s Office and operates the Bad Check Program for Tazewell County . Click here for the information on the Bad Check Program and a printable complaint form, For further questions, comments, or suggestion about the Bad Check Program or Deferred Prosecution please contact our offices at 309-477-2294.

CAFE Tazewell

CAFE Tazewell or Communities Against Fraud and Exploitation is a program created by the Tazewell County State's Attorney's office as a community partnership to prevent fraud and exploitation in Tazewell County. The purpose of our program is to educate the people of Tazewell County about fraud to better increase detection and reporting of con artists and identity thieves.